17 Alpha – Alkylated Androgenic Anabolic Steroids


17 Alpha – Alkylated Androgenic Anabolic Steroids



I have mentioned about DHT’s in my previous article. DHT was one of the 5 main titles. Now I want to give details about another main title which is called 17alpha-alkylated AAS’s.

Alkylation is possible for direct testosterone derivatives, nandrolone or dihydrotestosterone; the name doesn’t matter. This alkylation process alters some basic properties so alkylated molecules deserve to be named as one of the 5 main titles.

There is a reason for 17alpha-alkylation. The aim is to avoid metabolism in the liver if they are taken orally. Subclassification can be done like:

-17alpha-alkylated DHT’s: Oxymetholone, oxandrolone, stanozolol

-17alpha-alkylated testosterones: Metandienone, chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, fluoxymesterone

-17alpha-alkylated nandrolones: Ethylestrenol and mibolerone

Now we can examine these molecules one by one:


OXYMETHOLONE – Anadrol – Anapolon



Anadrol or Anapolon are popular trade names. It was firstly produced as a treatment for the patients who have anemia, osteoporosis and muscle wasting diseases.

Later on the molecule ‘epoetin alpha’ was discovered and begun to be used in replacement of Anadrol in refractory anemic and osteoporotic patients.

The reason for preference of Epoetin Alpha over Anadrol was due to less side effects. Nevertheless Anadrol is still used for the treatment of many diseases manifested with weight loss. It is a molecule boosting weight and strength gain and red blood cells counts.

Anadrol is a DHT derivative hormone. It is 17alpha-alkylated at the same time. Its degredation in liver is prevented by the alkylation of 17th carbon.

Most of orally taken AAS’s are alkylated for the same reason. Anadrol is usually put in the market as 50 mg tablets and is one of the most potent AAS’s. Muscle mass effect is prominent especially in the three weeks after the start of use.

The mass increase up to 8 kg may be noticed in first 2 weeks and this is mostly due to water retention. Despite it binds to androgenic receptors weakly, it produces this action by stimulating the protein synthesis. It is a popular molecule among athletes for this effect.

Water retention effect also maintains the large mass appearence of muscles.

Because it is 17alpha-alkylated molecule, the most serious side effect is hepatotoxicity. It may cause hepatitis, liver cancer and cirrhosis if it is used in long term.

It cannot be aromatized since it is DHT which means it cannot be converted to estrogen and it is not similar to progestin structurally. (progestin like steroids might have estrogenic side effects) In spite of all these matters it has an estrogenic side effect strangely.

It is said that it creates estrogenic side effects by binding to estrogen receptors directly according to some articles.

Water retention, gynecomastia and hypertension side effects are due to estrogenic action. (if it was a multiple choice question in testing and the question were: ‘which DHT has the most potent estrogenic side effect?’, the answer surely would be Oxymetholon!)

There is an advantage of it for not being active in receptor level: It doesn’t compete with other steroids in receptor level in bulking combinations so it may be utilized safely with not disturbing other steroids’ effects.

It is also interesting that the estrogenic side effects may be decreased by Letrozole which is an aromatase inhibitor.

Since it supresses natural testosterone production, it is convenient to use it with exogenous testosterone.

Its duration of use is limited to 6 weeks because of high hepatotoxicity effect.  Even some athletes use it only for 4 weeks.

It may change according to program but is used 50-100 mg daily generally.





Trade name is Anavar. Its most important property is minimal side effect so it is popular in sports world regarding to this property. It may also be used in women safely. It is one of the most expensive AAS’s.

It is a derivative of DHT and its difference from DHT is the addition of the oxygen to the carbon-2 of A-ring. By this way its anabolic effect becomes augmented.

At the same time its metabolism is decreased. The second difference from DHT is the addition of methyl group to the 17th carbon and this condition means it’s alkylated. In result of this it can be taken orally. As I mentioned before alkylation process lets one molecule be taken orally.

Anavar also has also some indications for medical treatment. It is especially used for gaining weight in cachexia due to surgeries or infections. It is also used to prevent osteoporosis in the patients taking long time corticosteroids.

The anabolic effect of Anavar is 3-6 times more than testosterone. Its ratio is 322-630. (as I mentioned before anabolic and androgenic ratio is 100 in testosterone, it is kind of a reference point)

But it doesn’t show this effect practically and even it’s not accepted as a potent bulking steroid. It especially has value in boosting anabolic power and athletic performance in cutting cycle. Since it’s weak in androgenic manner, it is also popular among women.

These are the significant properties for Anavar:

-Increasing the nitrogen retantion in the muscles so converting the catabolic state to anabolic phase.

-Decreasing the SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) so increasing the free testosterone and the other combined AAS’s in the circulation.

-Inhibiting the glucocorticoid hormone (all the undesired effects of this hormone are reversed).

-Increasing the red blood cells count so augmenting the muscle endurance.

-Directly potent lipolytic (DHT molecules are also useful in this manner as I told in my previous article, oxandrolone is also DHT and even it is alkylated, it hasn’t lost its DHT spirit J)

Anavar isn’t converted to estrogen since it is not aromatized so doesn’t cause hypertension and gynecomastia)

It has some androgenic effects even if it is not a potent androgenic steroid. Baldness, acneiform lesions and hirsutism are especially noticed in genetically succeptible individuals.

Anavar effect on lipid metabolism is prominent. Decline in HDL and rise in LDL is seen. The people who have lipid abnormalities musn’t use this molecule, others should be careful about their diets and do cardio exercises regularly.

All of the AAS’s supress natural testosterone production but this is noticed less in Anavar.

Nevertheless most users should take exogenous testosterone supply. In fact this condition is related with person’s natural testosterone production capacity.

In the studies it was shown that only %50 of natural testosterone production was supressed. As a result some athletes may go on their life normally with %50 testosterone level.

After the end of Anavar cycle, the natural testosterone level doesn’t return to normal level immediately and the time is needed.

During this time selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM) such as Nolvadex and Clomid or HCG usage is useful. The main aim of PCT is just this as a matter of fact.

It is a potential hepatotoxic molecule since it is 17alpha-alkylated. It may increase liver enzymes.

However it is the least hepatotoxic product among all alpha-alkylated agents. It is essential to limit Anavar usage as eight weeks and not to use it until the liver enzymes return back to normal levels.

Concomitant use of liver detoxificator molecules may be useful.

It is common to use Anavar 20-30 mg/day in 6-8 weeks. Side effects increase in the doses of 50-60 mg.

Anavar is a very difficult molecule to find and the prices are expensive even in the ‘black market’.





The most popular trade name is Dianabol or D-Bol. It is the most famous oral steroid. It is produced specificly for athletes rather than treatment choice.

The history of this steroid comes from rivalry between USA and USSR. USA made this molecule especially to maintain superiority over USSR in the olympic games and became succesful. It was put in the markets by Ciba Pharma Company via the help of Dr.Ziegler.

It was aimed to create a drug which was acting fast, strongly anabolic and low androgenic. Finally Dianabol was produced as a result. FDA imposed pressure on Ciba Company about this drug to be also used as a medical treatment and at the end it was accepted as medical treatment for osteoporosis.

After a while Ciba Company was bored of restraints and ceased to manifacture it in 1983 but this steroid was continued to be produced in underground labs.

The jargon of this underground market is ‘black market’ in fitness world.

Since the exacts controls aren’t done, the choices of preferences have to be clean and regular products in the black market.

Dianabol is a testosterone molecule whose first and second carbon atoms are attached by double bonds. This minimal change decreases the androgenic effect of hormone.

There is methyl group in the 17th carbon position and as a result it is accepted as 17alpha-alkylated molecule. It is so clear that every condition has a reason related to AAS’s.

By help of the double bonds added to Dianabol, its androgenic effect is 40-60, whereas its anabolic effect is 100. In testosterone molecule they are both 100.

Dianabol is 17alpha-alkylating product but also testosterone, however Anapolon and Anavar are DHT. I want to emphasize that even though these all 3 molecules are 17alpha-alkylating products they differ in their nature.

This must never be forgotten since this difference causes some alterations between them. For instance Anapolon and Anavar are DHT so they are particularly important as lipolytic or performance booster in the cutting cycle whereas Dianabol is also valuable in bulking.

Dianabol produces its anabolic effect by increasing protein synthesis, maintaining nitrogen retantion and glycogenolysis. %16 of muscles are composed of nitrogen and the more nitrogen level provides more anabolic condition.

The synergistic effect of Dianabol is fairly good and it enhances the effects of concomitant molecules. Results are fast and dramatic. 9-10 kg muscle mass gains can be provided in a few weeks. In addition it provides rapid strength boost.

They are not popular among sprinters because of the fast increase in mass; Anavar and Winstrol are more suitable for these athletes.

Since it is testosterone based molecule it can be converted to estrogen by the interaction with aromatase. Gynecomastia and water retention (edema) effects are prominent.

Because of this reason anti-estrogen drugs should be used with dianabol.

These are Nolvadex (contains Tamoxifen) belonging to SERM or Femara (contains Letrozol) which is an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase inhibitors are more effective but have more side effects on lipid profile.

Since Dianabol already worsenes lipid profile, concomitant usage carries risks. Even Dianabol is not potent androgenic, some androgenic side effects may be noticed.

Methandrostenelone is converted to dihydromethandrostenelone by 5-alpha reductase enzyme and since most of the androgenic effects are formed by methandrostenelone, Finasteride is not so useful.

Dianabol increases the virilization symptoms in women (hoarseness, hirsutism and clitoral enlargement).

HDL is reduced and LDL is increased significantly by Dianabol and this effect augments when used with aromatase inhibitors.

This molecule also supresses natural testosterone production and concomitant exogenous testosterone is essential.

After the end of cycle PCT must be initiated. SERM’s (Nolvadex or Clomid) and HCG are frequently used for PCT. By this way period of emptiness can be prevented and natural testosterone is maintained fast.

Since it is 17-alpha alkylated steroid it has hepatotoxic effect. Toxic level is intermediate. It absolutely raises the liver enzymes but every increase doesn’t show liver damage, sometimes it may manifest potential damage. Usage period can be restricted within 6 weeks to decrease the damage. Six weeks drug free period is substantial to start out new 17alpha-alkylated agent.

Dianabol may form significant changes in most people with 15 mg daily dosage. Daily 20-25 mg, even 30-35 mg usage is also noticed. But every dosage incline raises side effects and this should always be kept in mind!

It is relatively easy and cheap molecule to find.





The most popular trade name is Winstrol. This molecule was put in the market in 1950’s. It is well known in sports society. It is especially known related with scandals in sports. Ben Johnson who had broken records in 1988 Summer Olympic Games had been disqualified due to usage of this molecule.

Stanozolol boosts strength and endurance without increasing muscle mass so it is especially preferred by sprinters.

It can be used in osteoporosis, obesity, growth retardation and angioedema treatments in medical manner. It is DHT derivative and differentiated from DHT by 2 alterations.

The first one is addition of Pyrazole group to A ring of hormone so creation of heterocyclic molecule and the second one is addition of methyl group to the 17th carbon. The first condition provides less androgenic and more anabolic effect.

Even the ratio of anabolic/androgenic results in 320/20. The second alteration maintains the prevention of disintegration when it is taken orally as we already know.

Winstrol decreases the sex hormone binding globulin %50 and so increases the free testosterone level in blood circulation. It also augments the plasma level of concomitant testosterone.

It increases the protein synthesis potently and provides nitrogen retantion. It also increases the count of red blood cells (RBC) and inhibits glucocorticoids. Winstrol can be used both in oral and injection forms.

The interesting part is that both of the forms are 17alpha-alkylated. Injection form is called as Winstrol Depot.

This molecule was created to boost strength and speed in sportsmen and while providing this augmentation it doesn’t increase muscle mass as being noticed from outside.

Some articles say that it may harm the joints but others tell the opposite. It may cause pain in the joints but utilization of this hormone with low dose nandrolone is so popular among sportsmen because usage with nandrolone prevents the pain!

Beside sprinters, weightlifters may also use this hormone especially to have lean muscle. It maintains the prominent curvatures and hard-solid appearence of muscles. While on diet, Winstrol prevents the decrease in strength.

If we have a look at side effects we notice that it is not aromatized due to DHT structure so doesn’t have any estrogenic side effect. This means that it doesn’t cause gynecomastia or water retention and so hypertension due to water retention isn’t formed. Androgenic side effects are available in genetically succeptible individuals.

Alopecia and acneiform lesions are noticed in men and virilisation symptoms are seen in women. It decreases HDL and increases LDL so caution should be taken related with worsening of lipid profile. It reduces the natural testosterone production so exogenous testosterone supply is essential.

PCT also shouldn’t be neglected. It is hepatotoxic since it is 17alpha-alkylated. Its potential for hepatotoxicity is more than Anavar and less than Dianabol. This condition is prominent in higher doses. Increasing of liver enzymes is noticed definitely but every increase doesn’t mean direct damage, express pressure on liver more often.

Both oral and injection forms are hepatotoxic. Usage interval should be limited within 6-8 weeks and concomitant alcohol shouldn’t be consumed in this period. After the end of cycle any other 17alpha-alkylated product shouldn’t be used for 6-8 weeks. The most frequent oral usage dose is 25 mg/day and injection usage dose is 50 mg every other day.





Trade name is Halotestin. It was put in the market as a potent drug by Upjohn Company in 1950’s.

First of all it was used for treatment of muscle wasting, bone fracture, malnutrition and androgen deficiencies in men. It was then used for the patients taking long term cortisone, paraplegias, breast cancers and even patients with burns.

This steroid is one of the most potent and fastest in the markets. Even if it has a potent anabolic effect, it doesn’t carry muscle mass gaining effect in correlate. It is especially unique in pure strength boost. It may be utilized in cutting cycles.

Especially body builders may use it in a few weeks before the competition.

Fluoxymesterone is derived from testosterone, rather methyltestosterone. Methyl is added to the 17th carbon to provide oral usage. This means 17alpha-alkylated testosterone. Meanwhile it carries fluorine group in the 3rd and 9th carbons and hydroxyl group in the 11th carbon.

These changes prevent the aromatization of molecule and increase androgenic nature. Androgenic activitiy of Halotestin is beyond methyltestosterone. Androgenic/anabolic ratio is 1900/850 structurally.

These numbers may be regarded incredible but deceiving in fact since anabolic effect is near zero practically. This molecule doesn’t yield anabolic effect and provides main effect in androgenic pathway.

Halotestin is one of the most potent steroids in increasing red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. This property assists the great effect for improving strength. At the same time it is very potent lipolytic and takes part on fatty acid oxidation.

This steroid especially maintains strength and agression boosts. It increases the agression level of sportsmen. It raises the anger of individual but doesn’t effect characteristics. It is more popular among weight lifters, athletes depending on strength and combat sportsmen just before the competition.

When the sportsmen utilize it a few weeks before competitions, the strength output is more than the other steroids.

It doesn’t create a gain in muscle mass. It is a steroid that is used for specific purposes just for a short while. It is not aromatized even though it is testosterone structurally so gynecomastia and water retention aren’t noticed in Halotestin usage.

Side effects are especially due to the androgenic strength and can be reversed by Finasteride which is 5-alpha reductase enzyme. It creates extreme virilization symptoms. It effects lipid profile badly and decreases natural testosterone production significantly.

After cease of steroid PCT should be provided. Since it is 17alpha-alkylated agent it produces hepatotoxic effect.

Halotestin shouldn’t be used more than 4 weeks, anyway it is preferred two weeks before competition. It may be used 10-40 mg daily.

It is especially utilized in 10 mg but if all the doses are tolerated, 40 mg dose may be reached. If taken with food its gastrointestinal absorbtion decreases so taking it on empty stomach is favorable.

Halotestin is a molecule which is hard to find even in the black market.





Trade name is Turinabol. It was firstly produced by Jenapharm Company at 1962 in East Germany. It was used by East German sportsmen in olympic games between 1974-89 and this molecule wasn’t being noticed even in the urine analysis.

After the scandal of East Germany in 1994, the company stopped production of this molecule and it may only be taken from black markets since then.

 This molecule is derived from methandrostenelone (dianabol) and is testosterone based agent. As you recall, dianabol is also testosterone based. Dianabol is a testosterone molecule whose 1st and 2nd carbon atoms have double bonds.

The reason of double bonds is to make it stronger in anabolic manner. Chlorine atom is attached to 4th carbon and this is for preventing aromatization and decreasing androgenic effect.

Finally methyl group is attached to the 17th carbon to maintain oral digestion and for this reason it is accepted as 17alpha-alkylated product.

Turinabol acts positively on protein synthesis and nitrogen retention as most of AAS’s and increases red blood cells count. All these effects are mild but the thing making this hormone valuable is its ability in decreasing sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) significantly. So free testosterone rises. By this way it also enhances the effect of concomitant molecules siginificantly.

It is so popular molecule among the athletes because it boosts muscle endurance and strength in particular. It doesn’t maintain muscle mass gain. It doesn’t provide muscle hypertrophy as Dianabol or big mass as Deca Durabolin.

However since it is not aromatized, it enhances the lean muscle mass and provides hard appearence. If it is used together with Deca, there becomes a great result by the effect of SHBG decline. It is not preferred in cutting cycle since its ability to yield stiff appearence is less than Winstrol or Masteron. This molecule is especially beneficial in preserving lean muscle mass and endurance.

Side effects of Turinabol are mild. Since it is not aromatized it doesn’t cause side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention.

Androgenic side effects are also mild and result in alopecia only in genetically succeptible individuals. The most important side effect is about cardiovascular system. It increases LDL and decreases HDL significantly.

It should be used with exogenous testosterone to neutralize the supression of natural testosterone production. Providing PCT is also vital.

It is moderate hepatotoxic becaue of 17alpha-alkylating effect. Daily dose range is frequently between 15-25 mg but may climb to 40 mg. Cycles last between 6-8 weeks. 8 weeks musn’t be passed. After the end of  its usage as 6-8 weeks, any other 17alpha-alkylating agent shouldn’t be used in 8 weeks.


MIBOLERONE – Cheque Drops

Cheque Drops

Cheque Drops

This nandrolone based hormone is essentially put to market in 1960’s for veterinarians. Trade name is Cheque Drops. Its purpose of production was to prevent pregnancy by disrupting the menstrual cycle. It is one of the most potent AAS’s ever produced. This molecule is hardly found even in the black markets.

Espeacially cage fighters may use this molecule just before the fight and gain incredible power. It is maintained by adding methyl group to the 7th and 17th carbons of nandrolone molecule.

The reason of adding methyl group to the 7th carbon is to boost androgenic effect and diminish the interaction with 5-alpha reductase enzyme.

The purpose of of adding methyl group to 17th carbon is to let the molecule be taken orally. It is 5,9 times more anabolic and 2,5 times more androgenic than testosterone. Its anabolic effect is not noticed practically but it is so potent in androgenic effect.

Half-life is 3 hours and since it is so potent, it is taken as microgram doses not miligram doses. It may be taken 30-40 minutes before competitions. Interaction with aromatase is so strong and it is also potent progestin. Since it is not used for a long time, estrogenic side effects are not noticed.

The main benefit for usage is for great increase in agression feeling. This condition provides advantage to the fighters. Side effects are severe. There are estrogenic, androgenic, lipid abnormality, testosterone supression and hepatotoxic side effects.

They are taken as 200-300 mcg doses just 30-40 minutes before competitions. There are some fighters taking up to 500mcg. It is hard to be found in black market.





Trade name is Orabolin. It is 17alpha-alkylated nandrolone. It can not be found even in black market.

In my next article I will tell you about pure testosteron molecules which are one of the subtypes of AAS.



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