Steroid Cycles


Steroid Cycles



Steroid Cycles

I want to issue some cycle programmes related with the beginning phase of AAS (Anabolic-androgenic steroid) cycle.

Of course you can have healthy and fit body with the regular workout, nutrition, resting and sleeping even without steroid usage.

But this may not be adequate for some of our friends or they can not afford to have appropriate chances for sufficient nutrition and resting due to factors such as hard job or school life.

AAS’s may be consumed in moderate doses if there is not genetic succeptibility to the side effects.

First of all it is so important to determine the purpose of AAS usage. The aims may be to increase bulk of muscles or boost performance or enhance lypolysis. These 3 purposes alter the methods and the kinds of stacks.

The cycle for performance augmentation is mostly about endurance and related with preparation for athletic sports rather than body building. Bulk enhancement or cutting (lipolytic) cycles are more suitable for body builders.

The sound basis so essential to make the structure of the cycle. The most important part is to add testosterone to the cycle since the AAS’s in the cycle decrease the endogenous testosterone production.

Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate and Sustanone are the most used testosterone molecules. Testosterone Propionate may also be put to some cutting cycles. One of these hormones must be added to the AAS cycle to avoid physical and mental side effects due to the lack of endogenous testosteron production caused by given AAS’s.

Second important parameter is the duration of the cycle. In respect of available cycle programmes; 8-12 weeks period is sufficient for inital phase. 8 weeks may be taken as basal value and 12 weeks may be taken as upper limit.


What is PCT?

Third important issue is PCT. It is the abbreviation of post cycle therapy. It is the maintenance therapy after cessation of cycle. So why do we need PCT? After the end of cycle we cease to supply exogenous testosterone but endogenous testosterone doesn’t return to normal levels immediately, its production slowly rises. Some time is needed for the body to gain its old rhythm. The exogenous hormones taken shorten this time and let the body have sufficient testosterone hormone in this interval.

It takes 2 weeks for the body to get rid of exogenous testosterone so PCT is started 2 weeks after cessation of the cycle. Nolvadex or Clomid are the two frequently used molecules in PCT. Nolvadex is taken 40 mg/day in first two weeks of PCT and 20 mg/day in 3-4 weeks. Clomid is taken 50 mg/day in first two weeks and 25 mg/day in 3-4 weeks.

It is the best to take as fewer molecules as possible for the new beginners of AAS. The side effects change from person to person and from steroid to steroid so it may be hard to estimate which steroid causes the side effect if too many molecules are utilized.


Example for bulking cycle 1

1-12 weeks inbetween Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate enjection: 250-500 mg/week ( may be taken once a week or as divided into two halves twice a week )

1-6 weeks inbetween Dianabol tablet: 30 mg/day

13-14 weeks nothing is taken, clearence from body is waited.

15-16 weeks Nolvadex tablet: 40 mg/day

17-18 weeks Nolvadex tablet: 20 mg/day

If the androgenic side effects reach to disturbing level, aromatase inhibitor may be added during the cure. Arimidex (Anastrozole) 0,5 mg/day can be taken during 12 weeks.


Example for bulking cycle  2

1-8 weeks inbetween Sustanon enjection: 250 mg/week as in two divided doses, twice a week

1-4 weeks inbetween Dinabol tablet: 30 mg/day

9-10 weeks nothing is taken, clearence from body is waited.

11-12 weeks Nolvadex tablet: 40 mg/day

13-14 weeks Nolvadex tablet: 20 mg/day

Arimidex may be taken during first 8 weeks if androgenic side effects reach to disturbing level.

Lipolytic cycles are named as cutting cycles since the aim is not only getting rid of fat, but also gaining lean muscle mass. Cutting cycle is the process when AAS are used to burn excess body fat and improve vascularity of muscles. Good-looking elastic muscle is the result of a professionally planned cutting cycle. Anavar and Winstrol can be used by beginners but Anavar is more preferred because of the fewer side effects. Testosterone molecule is also put in cutting cycle as a main item.


Example for cutting cycle

1-10 weeks inbetween Testosterone Enanthate enjection: 250-500 mg/week

6-12 weeks inbetween Anavar tablet: 50 mg/day

Here we don’t need to have molecule-free interval since the effect of Anavar doesn’t last long. PCT is started 8-10 hours after the last dose of Anavar.

13-14 weeks Nolvadex tablet: 40 mg/day

15-16 weeks Nolvadex tablet: 20 mg/day

Sustanon is not advised for the new beginners since it contains 4 different testosterone esthers and those all have different half lives. This situation may cause some fluctuations in the hormonal balance and there is a possibility that users may not overcome this stuff. For this reason if a person is a new beginner of AAS, the choice for testosterone molecule is Testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate rather than Sustanon.

What are the prophylactics against the side effects of AAS?

Prophylactic drugs and herbal medicine are essential during the cycle. These can be manifested as:

During the cycle, pre-PCT and PCT: Zinc 220 – one tablet in all

During the cycle: NAC 600 mg (liver protector), Benexol B12 (B1/ B6/ B12) – one tablet

During PCT: Esterified C vitamin (to prevent cortisol rise), Tribulus Terrestris (LH stimulator- high saponin) – one tablet


Supplement Support

Whey proteins may be preferred as supplements before or after sports. Extra supplement usage depends on the person’s choice. As we know the protein values of nutritions, can use them as natural supplies instead of protein powder or bars. Only creatine may be taken as powder or tablet since it is hard to reach the adequate levels by natural nutrition.

The choice of protein powder is important, especially the ones without artificial ingredients should be chosen. Nutrition plan should be done according to sum of calories related with Basal Metabolism Rate + Sports + Occupation.

If a person is inexperienced about this issue, dietician consultation is essential. Drinking water 4 litres/day is vital during the cycle.

Hepatic and renal function tests, hormonal values, lipid profile (especially LDL cholesterol) should be monitored regularly during the cycle. Being under the care of physician and dietician is so vital.


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